A balloon is the perfect safari vehicle able to glide silently across the plains without disturbing the herds below, and at the flick of a hot air burner the basket can be whisked from a high altitude viewpoint to skim low across the grasslands.

At Talii Nasi Safaris we often include hot air ballooning in our clients itineraries. A ride in a hot air balloon gives you the opportunity to see, smell and soak up an area on a completely new level. It gives perspective to the enviroment, it has an element of adventure and quite often enhances the guest’s safari experience if conducted in a wildlife area, with numerous sightings of wild animals.

This incredible once in a lifetime experience offers the visitor a fantastic view of Tanzania’s scenic beauty, and the chance to drift unobtrusively over the wildlife  and topography below. The exceptional peace of this unique and almost supernatural view of the world will forever remain as a truly cherished memory. Your Balloon Safari adventure starts early morning when you depart your lodge or camp. It is still dark and you may be fortunate to see nocturnal animals on the way to the launch site.

You will arrive at the launch site by 6AM and watch as the balloons is being prepared for take-off.You will  meet your pilot, who will give you a safety briefing as well as explain what you can expect during your flight. An eagle’s eye view on Africa………

Soar with the Eagles. You board and start rising from the floor, you can appreciate the entire landscape, both its vast entirety and the many natural elements and ecosystems that bring the landscape to life. Rising as the sun rises your balloon floats in whatever direction the winds of the day are heading over this wonderful area. You’ll gently lift off to a height of approximately 10-20m and leisurly float along with the wind.

At this height you’re able to have a glorious view of the sunrise as well as keep on the lookout for animals on the ground below. The panoramic views that you are privy to from this height leave many speechless as they witness the sunrise and the spreading light extending to the opposite horizon.  Some of the flight may be low, offering a different perspective and at other times your balloon may climb to 1000 metres or more. Your pilot knows the area well and is also a committed conservationist and will point out animals, birds and features of interest

Upon landing, you can observe the complete deflation of the balloon envelope. Our vehicles will then transport you a short distance to breakfast. Breakfast is set up on the picturesque savannah plains of the savanna grassland, typically under the shade of a single acacia tree. You will sit down to a full bush breakfast in the African style, complete with eggs-to-order, fresh juices, waiters in traditional Swahili attire, and, of course, champagne. During breakfast, you can also peruse the photos your pilot has taken during the flight, and decide whether you would like to purchase the photos, or any of the other merchandise on display. After breakfast, you are taken to the rendezvous point to meet with your driver guide and continue your day’s game drives.